We are professionals with more than 25 years of experience with extensive knowledge in electricity, mechanics, PLC, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Numerical Control Machines and Automation.

We are specialists in compressed air compressors, air dryers, wood and metal carpentry machinery and power generators.

We have also developed remote Monitoring and Control systems for compressors, which are currently used throughout Spain and Italy.


The retrofit of industrial machines, literally translated into Spanish as “re-equip”, consists of updating or modernizing an obsolete machine. These updates can be mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic, programming, or simply aesthetic. These updates are usually motivated, in most cases, by the obsolescence of the spare parts, and to a lesser extent by the need to add new options to the machines or make them compatible with new modules in a production line.

The high costs of new machinery make more and more production plants consider, once the amortization period of their machines has ended, the retrofit of the same, also adding greater features, new applications and better security systems, also adapting them to the new regulations.

Obviously, the retrofit of industrial machines or heavy machinery is not easy and means, infrastructure, knowledge and experience are necessary that are not available to any company.



We repair any brand in the sector and offer the best solutions to our clients so that their application has the best compressed air treatment.


We develop all kinds of compressed air installations, either in aluminum or pressed stainless steel. With the maximum guarantees and legalizations in the industry

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