How to stop depending on the gas companies to obtain O2? and also save up to 45% on your costs

Do you have some of these problems in your clinic or hospital:

  • The cost of O2 has skyrocketed
  • You can’t negotiate a better price with the gas companies
  • Do you have bottles or Dewar that you must change frequently, or a cryogenic tank that discharges oxygen in the summer, losing up to 20%
  • They only transport oxygen once a month, and they force you to have several reserve bottles

I offer you a possible solution, generate your own oxygen with a PSA generator, advantages:

  • O2 cost reduction up to 45%
  • A return on the initial investment of between 2 to 3 years.
  • It complies with the ISO 7396-1 Standard, so you can use it freely
  • You do not pay transport, there are no losses, you do not have to change bottles

We have more than 10 hospitals throughout Spain and our oxygen generators have already been in operation for several years, the oldest being 8 years old, and we know their weaknesses and strengths very well. We have developed a system that monitors the entire oxygen generation process, we can control and operate it remotely. The purity values of O2, CO and CO2 are recorded every second, to have a controlled traceability.
In addition, the reserve bottles can be charged, so that you do not pay rent for the reserve bottles, and bought your bottles. There is a client who even carries small bottles of B5 !!!
Let’s ask for a study and we will show you how to generate your own O2

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