The main objective of a maintenance contract is to avoid costly production stoppages caused by equipment breakdowns, and all this at the lowest possible cost. Preventive maintenance is based on maintenance routines based on time intervals or operating hours that are done periodically. The manufacturer of the machine, with thousands of tests and units in the field, knows perfectly the life of the different pieces of equipment, and this gives us the starting point for the preventive of our machine.

But we must not forget that each machine is unique and they work differently depending on the conditions of work demand, environment, ventilation, installation of the machine, electrical supply, etc…

For this reason it is necessary to adjust these manufacturer’s recommendations to the machine in question, in order to adjust maintenance costs without neglecting the machine. There is only one objective way to recommend maintenance intervals for a compressor, with predictive maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance is one of the techniques we have proven and reliable to be able to predict a failure before it occurs, techniques such as oil analysis, vibration measurement, thermography, etc.

Oil analysis gives us a measure of the degradation of the lubricant and the elements it lubricates. Thus we can adjust the life of the oil and have an indicator of the internal wear of the compressor.

The vibration measurement gives us the degree of wear of the bearings. A bearing failure almost always means a stopped machine, if we can predict the right moment of the current, we will avoid unnecessary stops and interventions.

In addition, thanks to the Monitoring and Remote Control of the facilities, we measure the performance periodically, and it will tell us if the machine works well or shows signs of an anomaly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With our maintenance contract service, you will be able to stop worrying about the maintenance of your equipment and unforeseen stops. We have two modalities:

  • Standard contract: Covers the preventive of equipment, labor, travel, filters, spare parts, oils, their recycling and report of maintenance operations. It includes predictive operations, to improve maintenance, such as oil analysis, vibration measurement, thermography, etc…
  • PLUS Contract: Covers the preventive of the equipment as the Standard contract, plus labor coverage in case of breakdown. In this case we take responsibility for your equipment.

We can do it from a complete room with different types of equipment, brands, or from various facilities. For efficient control we have a powerful computer program, which gives us control of your equipment.

Our clients have at their disposal the possibility of consulting our WEB portal, to be able to see their equipment, manuals, intervention planning, histories, counters, etc.

We have options such as remote control and surveillance of our facilities, 24/7 service, rental equipment in case of prolonged unavailability over time.

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