How to choose the best compressed air compressor?

The first thing we look for is a prestigious brand, it gives us the security to make a good purchase.

But a prestigious brand, assures you the best machine?

Not necessarily, it will give you guarantees, but not the best machine, let me explain. To compare two air compressors, it is necessary to know their construction very well, to know that it is more efficient and reliable, and a user does not have this knowledge.

A brand usually has a series of TOP models, the good and expensive ones, and other series that are cheaper but of worse quality, but which are sold with the marketing of the TOP series.

It is for this reason that we work with various brands, comparing them, and looking for the machine with the best performance-quality-price ratio. And that according to the use that the end user is going to give it, we are going to recommend a model of the “x” brand, or another of the “y” brand.

Although we have a preference for some brands according to the types of compressors and according to the needs of the process. This is a list of the different solutions that we can give:

Piston compressors less than 3Hp single phase

They are machines for specific jobs, ideal for the home or for transporting from one place to another.

Piston Compressors of more than 3 Hp 

Economic compressors for light work, for small workshops or punctual consumption

Heavy Duty Industrial Piston Compressors

They are machines to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are noisy but very reliable.

Economic Screw Compressors

A very tight value for money, designed to replace piston compressors with a high workload.

EFFICIENT Screw Compressors

Compressors designed for continuous work with minimal energy consumption, today the most efficient are variable speed compressors with permanent magnet motorss

Vane Compressors

Characteristics: they are similar to screw compressors, but they are very compact and robust machines, ideal for assembling machines and places with unfavorable conditions.

Oil-Free or Oil-Free Compressors

All of the above compressors are oil lubricated, and there is a real danger of the oil getting into the compressed air. In sanitary or food facilities it is highly recommended. These compressors in air compression do not use oil.

There are several types: graphite piston, Scroll types, water-injected screw, dry screw, nail, etc…

Compresores para el Soplado de PET

Compresor de Media Presión hasta 40 bar, Son compresores destinados normalmente a la fabricación de botellas de PET

Booster o Compresores para gases como Nitrógeno u Oxigeno

Podemos comprimir gases hasta 300 bar para rellenar botellas de nitrógeno o Oxigeno, con calidad Hospitalaria si es necesario

Mechanical characteristics of a compressor

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We have several possible arrangements with the compressors, for example a compressor with belt drive, or direct, or a compressor that rotates at a higher speed than another, etc. Let's…

Compressed air compressors, the most efficient

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The most efficient compressor will be the one with less electricity consumption and more air flow. Very good, but normally we measure volumetric flow, that is, m3/h or liters/min. The…

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